Aust cops help foil import of 5000 guns

Almost 5000 illegal guns potentially heading to Australian crime gangs were seized in the US after Australian police shared intelligence with their international counterparts.

Police in Victoria and New South Wales seized 300 weapons and gun parts in September last year – and then prevented a large consignment of weapons entering the country through intelligence provided to US authorities.

Almost 5000 guns and parts were seized in the US, including 136 military grade assault rifles, many of which had no serial numbers or had had them removed.

The seized gun tally was released on Thursday as the government announced its National Anti Gang Squad had arrested 1000 people since 2013.

“These gangs are not misunderstood or a community-minded brotherhood – they are organised criminal gangs that rely heavily on the illegal drug market to make a profit,” federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan said on Thursday.

A spokeswoman for Mr Keenan said it’s possible some or all of the guns could have been headed for Australia.

Originally published as Aust cops help foil import of 5000 guns

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