‘Broken penis’: Call girl sues wife

A TRANSGENDER prostitute has sued the widow of man she had sex with after she said her penis broke during a fatal sex session.

The woman identified as Jennifer appeared on the Spanish-language courtroom show Casa Cerrado — meaning Case Closed — to plead her case.

She told host Ana Mara Polo that she was hired by the man’s wife to sleep with him as a treat for his 60th birthday, The Sun reports.

media_cameraThe man’s wife, Sylvia, hired Jennifer as a birthday gift to her husband. Picture: Telemundo

But Jennifer, who still has her male genitalia, claims she fractured her penis after becoming stuck inside the man, identified Miguel, after he suffered a heart attack.

“His real fantasy was that he wanted me to penetrate him,” Jennifer said. “So I had sex with him and he liked it.

“I didn’t think it was his first experience of that kind.”

Jennifer said she thought Miguel was having a good time but he suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Polo asked “Why didn’t you get up and walk away?”

Jennifer said: “Because I was stuck, my penis was inside him.”

media_cameraHost Ana Mara Polo was asked to adjudicate on the bizarre case. Picture: Telemundo

She called Miguel’s wife, Sylvia, who called the police and the ambulance.

Jennifer was left mortified when “all the units in Miami” burst into the room, saying she only just managed to cover up with a sheet.

She said doctors managed to prise the pair apart but added “my penis was fractured.”

She had come on to the show to sue Silvia for $US20,000 ($26,000).

The clip has been viewed more than four million times on Facebook.

One viewer wrote: “Omg I saw this case with my grandma before. Caso cerrado is something else.”

Another wrote: “I can’t take anymore, this can’t be real, I am dead.”

However many comments claimed the cases on the show are not real.

One wrote: “Show is super fake … they hire perfect strangers to act out stuff that may or may not have happened in real life.”

The show does have a disclaimer saying the cases are acted out, but also says they are based on real life events.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is reproduced here with their permission

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