What’s Draymond Green Saying to Durant?


Draymond Green Talking to Kevin Durant refers to a gif of Golden State Warriors basketball player Draymond Green talking to teammate Kevin Durant during a game. The gif has been used as an image macro on Twitter with many people captioning what they think Green is saying .


On April 16th, 2017, the Golden State Warriors basketball team played the Portland Trailblazers in the NBA playoffs. During the game, cameras caught player Draymond Green speaking to teammate Kevin Durant.

Several hours after the game, on April 17th, Twitter user @TalkWithTone posted a gif of the talk to Twitter with the caption “Your mum trying to cover you with the blood of Jesus before you leave the house.” The tweet received more than 6,900 retweets and 8,300 likes.


That day, Twitter user @Mayberrykush posted the gif with the caption “When ya drunk friend start rapping at the club,” garnering 6,900 retweets and 9,500 likes.

Several hours later, Twitter user @Richie_l0c0 tweeted the gif with the caption “The drunk dude in the club giving you a 2 minute explanation as to why he accidentally stepped on your shoe.” The tweet received more than 40,000 retweets and 79,600 likes.

News Media Coverage

Several news media outlets covered the meme including Complex, Fader, Vibe, Popsugar, and more.

On April 17th, Twitter published a Moment to catalogue and archive the meme.

Draymond Green’s Mother’s Response

After noticing that Draymond Green’s mother retweeted several of the memes, The Fader reached out by email for comment. On the memes, she said:

“I showed it to Dray! [The memes] are hilarious, I laughed so hard. It looks like he was saying, ’Don’t you let them stop you, go for it! THEY CAN’T STOP YOU!’”

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